Issues Affecting Women Programme’s New Strategy and Strategic Learning and Evaluation System

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Type: PDF
Author: FSG and the Issues Affecting Women Team
Year of Publishing: 2012
Keywords: Issues Affecting Women, strategy, grants, 2012 publications, Oak foundation
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Issues Affecting Women





The Issues Affecting Women Programme (IAWP)’s New Strategy and Strategic Learning and Evaluation System New Strategy includes short, medium, and long-term outcomes to better achieve IAWP's ultimate intended impact of contributing to a world in which women have the rights, capacity and opportunity to experience safety from violence and to enjoy their full and equal human rights.  It is important to emphasise from the outset that the outcome maps and associated indicators included in this document are not designed to be prescriptive to the grant-making process, but will rather serve as an adaptive tool to track IAWP's progress and evolve its strategy.


Importantly, to enable the programme to continue to learn and evolve, IAWP has identified several underlying assumptions and strategic evaluation questions to guide the programme's ongoing development. Not only will these questions strengthen its overall approach, but it is hoped that the process of answering these questions will also be beneficial for IAWP partners and the women's rights field in general.