Grant Application Process


After approval of a project concept through a letter of enquiry, programme staff will  invite an organisation to submit a full proposal. We follow a grant application process, which includes an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of a project, a financial review made by our administration team as well as various approvals.


Each of these stages could lead to more information or discussion. For programme staff to make the best possible recommendation, they strive to gain the most comprehensive view of the organisation, its board members, the project and finances.


The grant application process does not have a set time frame. It can take from two months to nine months from submission of an enquiry to final approval, as indicated in the graph below. Timing depends on a number of factors, but we work to ensure the most efficient process possible. After the initial approval of an enquiry,  organisations are encouraged to reach out to programme officers to learn about the grant-making process and the stages of the application. The lines of communication between the programme officer and the organisations are always open – it is a collaborative effort.


Grant Application Process Graph