What we're learning


Learning is central to Oak Foundation. We strive to evaluate the impact we are having, assess our grant-making processes and make changes to continuously improve our work. We have limited resources compared to the issues we address as a foundation, so we evaluate carefully our programmes and grant applications, monitor and evaluate our progress, refine our strategies and share our experiences.




In this section, you will find a library filled with reports from partners and staff. Additionally, you will find annual reports and programme evaluations. We will be adding to this section of our website in the coming months and years.


Grantee Perception Report


We have also learned the importance of listening and responding to the needs of our partners. In July 2011 the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEF) conducted a Grantee Perception Report; the assessment provided us with comparative, candid feedback from our grantees and compared our results with foundations of similar size and scope. It outlined grantee perceptions in areas such as the application and reporting processes, the quality of communication and our impact on their work and sustainability. Visit our Grantee Perception Report page to download the full report and read a letter to partners from our President.




We value partnerships, both as a funder and as a grant-maker. As a foundation, we participate in the US-based Council of Foundations, the European Foundations Centre and selected groups of donors in areas related to our six programmes. (Visit our Memberships and Associations page for a complete list.)  As a grant-maker, we encourage our partners to work together to leverage programme strengths and resources. 




As we grow and develop as a Foundation, so has our communications. This website is an example of our learning. In December 2011 we reorganised and updated our website. We hope, based on our new design and content updates, that you can find the information you seek easily. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments related to the website.