Oak Zimbabwe Foundation



Oak Zimbabwe Foundation is a national programme based in Harare. We fund local organisations involved in caring and providing for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in Zimbabwean society. We only fund projects in Zimbabwe.


Oak Zimbabwe Foundation supports organisations operating in the following priority areas:


  • health, including HIV/AIDS;
  • rural water supplies;
  • special needs education (people with mental or physical disabilities); and
  • women, children and the elderly who are at risk.


We are currently not accepting letters of enquiry for Oak Foundation Zimbabwe.



Maso: Helping people with HIV


Midlands Aids Service Organisation (MASO) is a non-governmental organisation based in Gweru, Zimbabwe that offers HIV/AIDS services in the Midlands Province.

The organisation provides homebased care and counselling and cares for orphaned and vulnerable children. MASO employs 31 people and has over 300 community volunteers. In 2005 MASO constructed the first HIV/AIDS community centre in Zimbabwe. It is a unique centre that members of the community use daily.

MASO provides grandparents who are also caregivers with the opportunity to own livestock and to make handmade items for sale. With the support of Oak Foundation it also gives small start-up grants to caregivers for projects in farming or market gardening as well as in sewing and crochet.

A leader of one of the care-giver groups said “MASO gives a sense of safety and security by enabling children to go to school, eat and have clothes to wear. Children are trained to be self-sufficient when they grow up.”