Oak Zimbabwe Foundation



Oak Zimbabwe Foundation is a national programme based in Harare. We fund local organisations involved in caring and providing for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in Zimbabwean society. We only fund projects in Zimbabwe.


Oak Zimbabwe Foundation supports organisations operating in the following priority areas:


  • health, including HIV/AIDS;
  • rural water supplies;
  • special needs education (people with mental or physical disabilities); and
  • women, children and the elderly who are at risk.


We are currently not accepting letters of enquiry for Oak Foundation Zimbabwe.



Taking care of the sick and poor in Zimbabwe


Many people in Zimbabwe suffer from HIV/AIDS. Often young people, some as young as ten years old, take care of their HIV positive parents before and after school.


Two of Oak Foundation’s longstanding grantees dedicated to helping people in Zimbabwe who suffer from HIV/AIDS are Mashambanzou Care Trust and National St John’s Council for the Republic of Zimbabwe.


The Mashambanzou Care Trust, a grantee since 2001, runs a centre designed to take care of those dying of AIDS and improve the quality of life of people who are affected by HIV. The project strengthens the capacity of families and communities to provide psychosocial, medical and material support to people affected by or living with the disease.


In 2012 Oak Zimbabwe Foundation awarded St John’s Council, an organisation that cares for the sick and the poor, a grant to equip 1,500 young people with practical knowledge and skills to become professional carers/ nurse aids for victims of HIV/AIDS.


Through training in home-based care, the students learn professional skills that help give them a sense of being useful in their families and the community. The project also supports an ambulance service, and a service to provide medical help at public functions or in the event of disasters.


Recent Oak Zimbabwe Foundation Grants