Housing and Homelessness


What we're doing


In the Housing and Homelessness Programme, we focus on preventing homelessness by funding sustainable solutions that improve the economic and social wellbeing of marginalised youth, adults and families.


Please read the What we fund page for more information on our programme priorities and current grant information.




We fund initiatives that have an impact on:


individuals – by improving the quality of life and housing opportunities for groups of individuals;


the wider community (sometimes defined by geography or the target group) – by having an impact that goes beyond the direct beneficiaries of a project (i.e., by encouraging the replication of proven solutions and amplifying the collective voice of homeless people);


organisations – by enabling organisations to develop financial stability, create a robust infrastructure and address identified weaknesses; and


society – by changing systems and services (e.g., securing mainstream funding for new and proven solutions or removing structural and cultural barriers that hamper individual success). Projects funded include those that mobilise communities, but also those that persuade, negotiate and demonstrate the efficacy of change.