The Challenge


Climate patterns shape the natural ecosystems on which the world depends. Increasing levels of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are negatively influencing climatic, terrestrial, oceanic and other aquatic systems. We are concerned that the ability of these systems to sustain the conditions for life is being compromised.

At the same time, a rapid depletion of marine resources has led to a global fisheries crisis, and scientific evidence indicates that some regions are experiencing a severe loss in biodiversity.
These two threats are disproportionately impacting the lives of the economically disadvantaged, a fact that has led us to focus on the conservation of marine resources and the mitigation of climate change.


What we're doing


Our vision is to achieve a zero-carbon global economy and the recovery of marine fisheries and habitats.


In keeping with our vision and mission, we aim to: protect the oceans and the climate by contributing to the development of responsible global and local governance mechanisms; and catalyse transformational changes in the way oceans and climate are perceived and exploited, for a more socially and environmentally sustainable society.


Please read the Climate Change and Marine Conservation pages to learn more about our programme priorities and current grant information.




In terms of guiding principles, we are committed to:


► Addressing root causes

► Supporting realistic and solutions-based strategies and objectives

► Putting in place the enabling conditions required for an influential  and 
    diverse  civil society

► Working through others, particularly NGOs

► Working in partnership with grantees and other foundations

► Leveraging resources, taking risks, and catalysing broad-scale change

► Taking a longer-term approach