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Oak Foundation’s main office is in Geneva. We have several other offices that are located to serve our various programmes. Read our About Us page for more information on our foundation. For initial contact, please do not telephone or visit the offices. Please visit our Letters of Enquiry page for details on submitting a request for funding.


Please email for general questions about the foundation. We kindly ask all members of the press to complete our Media Enquiry form.



Oak Foundation Belize
P.O. Box 1161
1216 Blue Marlin Boulevard
Belize City


Programmes Supported:
Environment (Marine reserve co-management in the Gulf of Honduras):

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Oak Philanthropy Ltd.
Sofia Representative Office
32 William Gladstone Street
Office 6, 2nd floor
Sofia 1000, Bulgaria


Programmes Supported:
Child Abuse (Eastern Europe):

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Oak Philanthropy Ltd.
(India liaison office)
1 st Floor
12,Haralal Das Street
Near Entally Market
Kolkata - 700014

Programmes Supported:
Joint India Programme:

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United Kingdom

Oak Philanthropy (UK) Limited

2nd Floor, 43 Palace Street




Programmes Supported:
Housing and Homeless:
International Human Rights:

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Oak Philanthropy Ltd
Case Postale 115
58, Avenue Louis Casaï
1216 Cointrin



Programmes Supported:
Environment, (Climate change Europe; Marine Europe, special interest):
Child Abuse:
Issues Affecting Women:
Special Interest:

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United States

Oak Foundation USA
55 Vilcom Center Drive, Suite 340
Chapel Hill, NC 27514



Programmes Supported:
Learning Differences: Environment (Climate change North America; conservation of the marine environment – Alaska):

Special Interest:

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