Marine Conservation


The Marine Conservation sub-programme funds organisations working in the North Pacific, Arctic, Central America and Europe.


North Pacific/Arctic


The Challenge


The North Pacific and the Arctic are renowned for endemic biological diversity, productive fisheries and populations with a rich marine culture and heritage.

Weather and ecological changes are affecting every aspect of life for the four million people who live in the area, and many Arctic communities are under pressure to develop off-shore resources. The rapid social and economic changes are having an impact on people’s health and wellbeing.  More>>


What we fund


We invest in local and regional conservation efforts that promote healthy and resilient marine ecosystems for the benefit of future generations in the North Pacific/Arctic. This is achieved by tapping into the wealth of knowledge, innovation and stewardship practices that have defined the long-standing cultural traditions in the region.



The Challenge


Although the Central American country of Belize is one of the most beautiful and untouched regions of the world, some of its barrier reef and associated marine ecosystem are not being managed sustainably. More>>



What we fund


We support the development of a network of marine reserves that maintain the health of the barrier reef ecosystem and its wildlife. This network also supports food security and the sustainable economic development of local coastal communities.




The Challenge


The European Union (EU) is one of the biggest consumers, importers and exporters of fish. With its large fishing fleet, strong domestic markets and political and commercial influence, the EU exerts an enormous influence on fisheries policies worldwide. More >>


What we fund

We fund organisations that restore and conserve European marine ecosystems, and ensure that the European fleet adheres to sustainable practices, whether in European waters or elsewhere. 


Recent Marine Conservation Grants

Organisation Amount
Oceana Inc USD 8,600,000
Greenland Institute of Natural Resources USD 525,000
Ocean Conservancy (The) USD 450,000
Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment USD 200,000
WWF International USD 770,289


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