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Oak Foundation is governed by a six-member Board of Trustees - Caroline Turner, Chair; Kristian Parker, Vice Chair; Natalie Shipton, Vice Chair; Christopher Parker, Jette Parker and Alan Parker. An Advisory Panel also supports the Foundation’s work on a range of grant-making issues. Current members are Kathleen Cravero (President of Oak Foundation), William Norris, Julie Sandorf and Barbara Rothschild.


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Samuel Ambaye, IT Manager Business (Applications and Analytics)

Anastasia Anthopoulos, Programme Officer (Child Abuse)

Adrian Arena, Director (International Human Rights)

Nathan Argent, Programme Officer (Environment)



Amanda Beswick, Director (Housing and Homelessness)

Sara Bianchi, Office and Finance Administrator (International Human Rights)

Susanne Bjork, Programme Officer (Housing and Homelessness)

Aurelie Boissiere, Senior Finance Officer (Administration)

Dana Brinson, Programme Officer (Learning Differences)

Millie Brobston, Programme Officer (Special Interest)

Diane Buczynski-Ruchonnet, Programme Officer (Special Interest)



Stephen Campbell, Campaigns Leader (Environment)

Dan Cao, Programme Officer (Climate Change China - Environment)

Stephen Carden, Special Projects Officer (Finance & Due Diligence - Administration)

Lisa Carl, Programme Officer (Special Interest)

Sahba Chauhan, Programme Officer India (Environment)

Paromita Chowdhury, Programme Officer (Joint India Programme)

Adriana Crăciun, Senior Adviser Organisational Development and Capacity Building (Administration)

Kathleen Cravero, President (President's Office)



Brigette De Lay, Director (Child Abuse)

Helena Duch, Programme Officer (Child Abuse)

William Duke, Programme Assistant (Special Interest/Communications)



Hanan Elmasu, Programme Officer (International Human Rights)

Karen Ewen, Programme Assistant (Housing and Homelessness)



Imani Fairweather Morrison, Programme Officer (Environment)



Nathalie Gachet, Office Logistics Coordinator/Receptionist (Administration)

Nicolas Gardi, IT Support Specialist (Administration)

Ibrahimi Gazmend, Office Facilities (Administration)

Claire Geffroy, Programme Assistant (Issues Affecting Women)

Audrey Georg, Senior Finance Officer (Administration)

Bethiel Girma Holton, Programme Officer (Learning Differences)

Heather Graham, Director (Learning Differences)



Medina Haeri-Lanz, Programme Officer (Issues Affecting Women)

Anne Henshaw, Programme Officer (Environment -Marine Conservation - Arctic and North Pacific)

Julie Hill, Administrative Assistant (Learning Differences)

Nelly Houdin, Book-keeper (Administration)



Vyara Ivanova, Programme Associate (Child Abuse)



Florence Jacot, Programme Officer (Child Abuse - Switzerland)



Rita Kahurananga, Programme Officer (Child Abuse)

Alexandra Kennaugh, Programme Officer (Enviroment - Illegal Wildlife Trade)

Vanessa Kenny, Human Resources Manager (Administration)

Donata Kitutu, Executive Assistant to the Co-Chair and Human Resources Administrator (Administration)



Leonardo Lacerda, Director (Environment)

Mikaila Leonardi, Programme Assistant (Child Abuse)



Merciful Machuwe Tizvioni, Programme Assistant (Oak Foundation Zimbabwe)

Presiana Manolova, Programme Officer (Child Abuse - Eastern and Central Europe)

Alexandra Marques, Programme Associate (Environment - Marine Conservation)

Greg Mayne, Programme Officer (International Human Rights)

Rachel McKee, Communications Officer (Communications)

Sabrina Mendes, Executive Assistant (Joint India Programme)

Louise Montgomery, Programme Officer (Housing and Homelessness)

Mia Moore, Digital Communications Specialist (Communications)

Epiphania Mukundwa, Office Support (Oak Foundation Zimbabwe)

Paul Murphy, Manager, Grants Administration and Special Projects (Administration)



Paul Nichols, Programme Associate (Environment)

Esther Norregard-Nielsen, Director (Oak Foundation Denmark)



Imeobong Osakwe, Grants Administrator (Administration)



Tim Parritt, Programme Officer (International Human Rights)

Neal Patel, Accountant (Administration)

Karen Phair, Programme Assistant (Special Interest)



Rachel Quick, Head of Programme (Special Interest)



Vinit Rishi, Director of Administration (Administration)

Lotte Rohde, Administrator (Oak Foundation Denmark)

Virginia Ruan, Head of Communications (Communications)



Katharina Samara-Wickrama, Director (Issues Affecting Women)

Lisa Sandström, Programme Assistant (Environment)

Boris Schopfer, IT Infrastructure Manager (Administration)

Nina Spataru, Programme Associate (International Human Rights)

Karen Suassuna, Programme Officer (Environment - Climate Change, Latin America)



Blain Teketel, Programme Officer (Child Abuse)



Paul Wishart, Programme Officer (Housing and Homelessness)

Marianne Wright, Executive Assistant to the President and Trustees (President's Office / Administration)



Shivani Yadav, Applications Support Specialist & Business Analyst (Administration)



Eve Zeender, Finance Manager (Administration)














Our mission

Oak Foundation commits its resources to address issues of global, social and environmental concern, particularly those that have a major impact on the lives of the disadvantaged. With offices in Europe, Africa, India and North America, we make grants to organisations in approximately 40 countries worldwide.

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