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Title Programme Author Year of Publication
Update Report on the Issues Affecting Women Programme’s Strategic Learning and Evaluation System (SLES) Issues Affecting Women Oak Foundation 2014
Oak Foundation Annual Report 2013 Oak Foundation 2014
Terms of Reference: Evaluation of WWF International and Oak Foundation Cooperation Environment Oak Foundation 2013
Oak Foundation Denmark 2012 Grants Oak Foundation Denmark Oak Foundation 2013
Re-granting Guidelines Oak Foundation 2013
Terms of Reference: Protecting Children in South East Europe -- A regional Resource Centre Oak Foundation 2013
Oak Foundation Annual Report 2012 Oak Foundation 2013
Global Dialogue: Strategic Fund for Turkey/Terms of Reference Global Dialogue 2013
Long-term change in a meso-predator community in response to prolonged and heterogeneous human impact Environment Francesco Ferretti, Giacomo C. Osio, Chris J. Jenkins, Andrew A. Rosenberg, Heike K. Lotze 2013
Request for Proposals: Burma Donor-advised Fund International Human Rights Oak Foundation 2013